Welcome to Swift Creek Driver Improvement

Okay, so you've gotten a traffic ticket. It's not the end of the world! Come spend a few hours with Swift Creek Driver Improvement, and we'll get you back in the good graces of the DMV or the court. Plus, you'll learn some things about driving that you probably haven't thought about.

Swift Creek Driver Improvement is certified by the Virginia DMV and our certificates are accepted in every court in Virginia. Our instructors are friendly and knowledgeable and we present our classes in an informal and non-threatening environment.

Our typical classes consist of:

Drivers who have gone to court and have been allowed to take a driver improvement class in lieu of a traffic conviction.
Drivers who have been ordered by DMV to attend a driver improvement class.
Drivers who volunteer to take the class in order to have 5 demerit points removed from their driving record. (You can only do this every 2 years.)

We offer classes most Saturdays and, depending on the season, we sometimes offer weekday and Sunday classes. Check out our schedule and locations by clicking on the "Schedule" tab.

Call today or just fill out and send the registration form. If you'd rather, send us an email to let us know which class you would like to attend or to just ask us a question.

About Our Class

We do not provide behind the wheel training or classes for new drivers.

Our class is a combination of video and directed discussion. We present the "Program for Driver Improvement" (PDI) produced by Driver Training Associates, Winter Haven, FL. and approved by the VA DMV. PDI differs from most driver improvement programs because it focuses on driver attitude and how attitude affects the way we drive. We also discuss, to a certain extent, various rules of the road and laws but we try to avoid bombarding the student with a lot of equations, formulas and legal citations. We want you to leave the class remembering stuff because it was presented in a memorable way and made sense and not because we pounded it into your head.

We have been a certified Driver Improvement Clinic since 2001. That's right, we've been doing this over 12 years. We have presented our class to over 5000 students over the years and our instructors have over 25 years teaching experience.

A Word About Our Price

We charge $55 for you to attend our course. Yes, we realize there are other courses that charge less, but here's something you should know. There are fixed expenses for presenting a course such as this . . . DMV fees, room rental fees, franchise fees, telephone and advertising. You can't get around them. The schools offering the cheaper fees apparently subscribe to the theory that if they have the volume, they can get by with cheaper fees.

That's okay if you're buying stuff at Walmart. But do you really want to spend 8 hours in a Driver Improvement Clinic with 35 or 40 people in a small hotel conference room?

At Swift Creek Driver Improvement, most of our classes consist of 15-20 people and we make a concerted effort to keep them under 30.

Class Locations

Holiday Inn Express, Brandermill
5030 West Village Green Drive Midlothian
Hampton Inn
800 Research Road Richmond
Powhatan Library
2270 Mann Road Powhatan